Commission-free sale direct from the property developer—maximum security in real estate matters.

Our most valuable asset is not a property. It is the trust of our customers. Just as in long-term relationships, openness, honesty, and reliability play a central role. In order to win this trust anew every day, you need a team with excellent market knowledge and comprehensive service orientation right through to the personal handover of keys. After all, we are only committed to one goal: to provide our customers with the best possible support, including a secure purchase process.

Standardized process when purchasing

  • Commission-free purchase directly from the developer
  • Fixed price guarantee for the purchased apartment
  • Escrow
  • Either purchase price payment when the purchase contract is signed in the trust account or the non-due part of the purchase price is secured by means of a bank guarantee
  • Immediate note of the approval of home ownership in the land register
  • Payment or forwarding of the
  • Purchase price to the developer in accordance with the German Federal Law Gazette (BGBL). 2008/56 (see graduation)
  • Additional costs (see infobox)

Payment in accordance with the Law on Contracts for Builders

Example owner-occupier:

  • 10% at the start of construction
  • 30% after completion of the shell and roof
  • 20% after completion of the raw installations
  • 12% after completion of the facade, the windows, and their glazing
  • 17% after completion of occupancy or agreed early handover
  • 11% after completion of the entire system
  • Payment is made in retrospect as soon as the increase in value has occurred according to construction progress
  • 2% bank guarantee to secure warranty and damage claims

Infobox—additional costs

  • 3.5% real estate transfer tax
  • 1.1% registration fee in the land register
  • Legal/notary fees
  • Development costs project-specific